Friday, June 1, 2012

 it's been a pretty uneventful day, getting very hot out and they are issuing heat advisories. Not to mention all of the smoke from the fire in New Mexico blowing right into Tucson doesn't help matters. I do have a couple of pics to share.
Got a picture of this oddity over behind Beehive Peak just north of Bilby Rd. If you you look closely you'll notice this made out of horse shoes and that the cactus flowers are actually lights. I hope to have a better lens on the camera next time I go by there to get some better pics.

This is a Picture of a Turkey Vulture that was in my mesquite tree looking for something to consume/eat. I think there was a deceased squirrel under the tree with his name on it. Gotta love the deserts natural sanitation department.
This was soon after he had just left the tree. Thees birds can have a wingspan up and of 72 inches in length. It's average life span is about16 years but have been know to live to 30 in captivity.
More coming soon. Goodnight...