Friday, June 8, 2012

 This is a Rock Squirrel. They look all cute and fuzzy, but let me tell you, they cause more damage to property than most folks would believe. They get up under the hoods of cars and trucks and waste no time chewing through the vehicles wiring and other vital components They dig under and into peoples home out here and get into your walls and can be a very nasty health issue. For both the home owner and the home. Some of the colonies they build are so large they become a danger to live stock, horses, cattle and such. Horses sometimes step into their hole and have been know to get their legs broken. Not good. More times than not the hose has to be put down. So most folks out here look for ways to thin their numbers.
Now here today I happened to notice a commotion going on in the back yard and discovered a young Harris hawk had landed himself one of those cute Rock squirrels. It was a Kodak moment.

This is a Sonoran Collard Lizard out in the front yard. Hard to get them to pose, very skittish, not fond of the paparazzi. We reached 104 today so didn't get much outdoor time. Anyhow, enjoy the pics and I will keep trying to get more, weather permitting. Have a good evening

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  1. I am enjoying your blog very much. I have a blog also. The life and times of Cyndy. I have a hard time doing it as I forget to go into.

    Great photos and descriptions