Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Well today marks the beginning of this new blog. So I will start this off with this some of the wildlife I have come across out here at the ranch.

This is a Gila monster. One of only two venomous lizards in North America. I came across this one a few weeks ago as I was headed into town. I have to say he wasn't too happy about me wanting to take his picture.
Gotta love Cardinals. This one was in the mesquite tree in my front yard. I took this picture from my kitchen window with my zoom lens. You have to be quick once they see you they tend to fly off.
This is a Harris Hawk that was in the same tree. Turns out they have a nest in a huge pine tree in my neighbors back yard. This species will actually hunt together in small groups of three or more at a time.

He finally got tired of me watching him and took off. Notice him giving me a side glance as he took flight. Excuse me...
Well that's all for today. I will be adding more soon. Enjoy

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  1. Awesome pictures. Can't wait to see more.