Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Well there was a bunch of racket going on outside this afternoon and it was a medivac chopper landing about 100 yards from my home. While watching the excitement I spied this Gila woodpecker on this saguaro cactus so I was able to get a few pics. They usually don't cooperate very well but I was lucky this time.
He was obviously loving the nectar of these flowers which by the way is Arizona's State flower. 

The males have this bright red spot on their head.

I then noticed some movement on another part of the cactus and saw this tiny Elf Owl. As you can see this little guy was not happy with the woodpecker hanging out close to his cactus abode. 

Then the little guy gave me some dirty looks and then went back inside.

Have a great day....


  1. An Elf Owl how exciting!
    And the desert is in bloom too! I haven't seen that in a long time. Is it really wild this year?

    1. This is looking like it be a very good year for wildlife pics this year. I hope I am able to keep getting more pictures to share. Enjoy!!

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