Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A day Atop Kitt Peak...

The McMath-Pierce Solar Telescope is the largest solar instrument in the world. It was dedicated in 1962 an is still in use today. The angled shaft goes another 200 yards into the mountain and this is where the focal point is located for the best pics and observations of our sun.

I am sorry I don't have the names of all of the different scopes at this time I will try to get them at a later date. This one is due south of the Solar scope.

If iremember correctly this is the Myall scope and it is the further most northern of the scopes on the mountain.

This is a picture taken fron the northern pull out on top of the mountain. This was taken by my daughter Emily.

This is a picture also from the northern pull-out looking twards the northwest.

This is my contributing assistant photographer, Emily my daughter. We had a great time just hanging out on the mountain.

Kitt Peak has both daytime and night time tours. My son and I were able to participate on a night time tour, about 12 years ago, and got to view different objects in the solar system using a 16 inch scope in a dome equiped room. It will blow you away. My wife's Aunt Judy was able to arrange a behind the scenes tour for us and it was great. We were able to get some inside photos that most folks don't get to see. When ever I come accross them I will make it a point to post them for all to see. Here is a link to the tour page so if you should ever be interested in attending one of these tours it will be well worth it.


May the force be with you.....


  1. Tom.
    Thanks for more great pics. I never did get to Kitt Peak while I lived in Tucson but by the same token I never got to the Statue of Liberty while I lived in NJ.
    I think that one of the times we go to Tucson to visit the kids we will take the time to see Kitt Peak.

    1. Thanks Jim, Glad you like them. If you get the chance look into one of the tours. You might get to go inside one of the scopes, it's very cool.

  2. What a great job with the pictures.

    1. Glad you like the pics Cyndi. Hope to get many more when the weather starts to cool off.

  3. Great Pictures. Glad you and Emily got to go there together. I know it sure was cooler up there too.